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FPS Limits

We chronograph all weapons to be used on our site with the ammo and weight that you are using on the day. Weapons will now be tested on joules not FPS.

Full auto guns max 1.14j  

DMR (locked to semi) 1.68j 

Full auto HPA or Gas guns 1.14j 


Sniper single shot bolt action rifle 2.3j 

CO2 Pistols and silenced pistols with inner barrel extending into silencer must also be chronographed before use.


Pyrotechnics can be bought on site by over eighteens. We carry the following Enola Gaye products in stock:

MK5 Thunder flash

Friction Smoke Grenades

EG18 Smoke Grenades

EG67 Frag Grenades


We sell 0.2 and 0.25 gram BB's onsite as well as snacks and drinks. We also have airsoft retailers on site during scheduled walk on days, who can provide players with a wide variety of kit.


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