Coronavirus - Our Safeguards

Please take your time to read this page and take in as much information as you can. Many questions we keep being asked is if we are still running and the answer to that is yes we are.

  • We will be alternating between our Paintball Centre and our Dogtag Site as the virus is reportedly only able to survive for 72 hours. This way there should be a 7-day window between groups using either centre.

  • Our masks are cleaned after every use in boiling water with anti-bacterial soap these will be also left for a 7-day period

  • Our camouflaged overalls are one-time use after this they are sent off to be laundered

  • Anybody showing symptoms of the virus will be removed from the site, this also includes all of our staff.

Recommendations -

  • Bring your own gloves.

  • Our basecamps are large so it is recommended that you distance yourself from other groups 

  • There is no running water on-site so please bring your own hand sanitizer

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