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Safety Briefing
  • All guns being used onsite must comply with power limits and be chronographed and tagged each visit.

  • Eye protection must be worn at all times when out of the safe zone.

  • Under 18's must wear full face protection. It is advised all players should also wear full face protection.

  • No dry firing of guns in the safe zone

  • Guns must be cleared and magazines out before entry into the safe zone.

  • A "Hit" or "Kill" is a bb hitting any part of your body or equipment including weapons.

  • Once hit raise your arm to full height immediately and shout "HIT!", keep your hand up all the way to re-spawn or dead zone. 

  • Hits from your own team still count and there is no Bang-Bang rule (we are not Americans). To get someone out you must shoot them.

  • Be aware the enemy may be behind you or from great distance

  • Blatant non hit taking will result in immediate removal from the field and a ban from the site.

  • No "Dead men talking", if you have been hit you should not talk as you walk back to re-spawn

  • No "Blind Firing",  always shoulder your weapon when firing and do not put your muzzle through any gap smaller than an A4 sheet of paper. You must present yourself as a target when firing.

  • No magazines in guns whilst in the safe zone

  • Minimum engagement distances must be adhered to. Full auto guns 6m, DMR 20m and Snipers 30m 

  • Grenade kill radius is 5m unless behind hard cover i.e. Buildings, large trees... Not your mate Bob or a patch of bracken!

  • Shout "Grenade!" or "Frag Out!" when throwing pyrotechnics 

  • Shout "RPG!"  if using TAG rounds (please let the head marshal know before games start.

  • Only pyrotechnics bought on site can be used.

  • No physical contact of any kind (failure to do so will result in immediate removal from site)

  • No verbal abuse of players or staff (failure to do so will result in immediate removal from site)

  • Re-usable grenades can be used but can only be timed, plastic shelled and 9mm max. They must also be shown to head marshal before use. 

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