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Terms and Conditions

Airsoft is for players age 10 upwards. Players under this age are directed to our Laser Tag events.


Follow the guidance below and then "Click to Accept" at the bottom of the page to proceed.


Please read and understand the following documents linked below and if booking for a group please ensure all players have read and understood them also, print off and distribute if required.  If accepting on behalf of under 18's please ensure they have also understood rules and risks. By proceeding past this page you have agreed and accepted on behalf of all players in your group (along with their Parent or Guardian)that they have been fully understood and agreed to all documents, rules and safeguards.

If you are buying multiple tickets you MUST give details of each individual player attending the site for full track and trace safeguarding.


You will be meet at the entrance to the site in your vehicle and checked-in.  Those not pre-booked will unfortunately be unable to play that day. All players when not on the field will be expected to wear a material face covering.  Please make sure you are wearing these before you are met at the gate to keep everyone safe. Make sure you have your ticket ready to be scanned through your window on arrival.

Each player bay will have a "player layout plan" above the doorway showing the layout to be used and limit of players per area.  This will be rigidly enforced to comply with social distancing. 

Risk Management & Disclaimer Form

Coronavirus - Our Safeguards

UK Paintball Sports Federation (UKPSF) – Covid 19 – Risk Assessment

Safety Briefing

  • All guns being used onsite must comply with power limits and be chronographed and tagged each visit.

  • Eye protection must be worn at all times when out of the safe zone.

  • Under 18's must wear full face protection. It is advised all players should also wear full face protection.

  • No dry firing of guns in the safe zone

  • Guns must be cleared and magazines out before entry into the safe zone.

  • A "Hit" or "Kill" is a bb hitting any part of your body or equipment including weapons.

  • Once hit raise your arm to full height immediately and shout "HIT!", keep your hand up all the way to re-spawn or dead zone. 

  • Hits from your own team still count and there is no Bang-Bang rule (we are not Americans). To get someone out you must shoot them.

  • Be aware the enemy may be behind you or from great distance

  • Blatant non hit taking will result in immediate removal from the field and a ban from the site.

  • No "Dead men talking", if you have been hit you should not talk as you walk back to re-spawn

  • No "Blind Firing",  always shoulder your weapon when firing and do not put your muzzle through any gap smaller than an A4 sheet of paper. You must present yourself as a target when firing.

  • No magazines in guns whilst in the safe zone

  • Minimum engagement distances must be adhered to. Full auto guns 6m, DMR 20m and Snipers 30m 

  • Grenade kill radius is 5m unless behind hard cover i.e. Buildings, large trees... Not your mate Bob or a patch of bracken!

  • Shout "Grenade!" or "Frag Out!" when throwing pyrotechnics 

  • Shout "RPG!"  if using TAG rounds (please let the head marshal know before games start.

  • Only pyrotechnics bought on site can be used. Any re-usable grenades must be shown to head marshal before games.

  • No physical contact of any kind (failure to do so will result in immediate removal from site)

  • No verbal abuse of players or staff (failure to do so will result in immediate removal from site)

  • Re-usable grenades can be used but can only be timed, plastic shelled and 9mm max. They must also be shown to head marshal before use. 

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