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BattleSim Rules
Ammo & Kit Restrictions

These events are not MilSim nor are they Skirmish, they are somewhere between allowing players to have a more immersive but casual day.


These events are Semi fire and limited ammo only event, full auto or burst mode is not permitted. If your gun cannot fire single shot it will not be able to be used.


No drum or high capacity magazines. Mid Caps or Low caps only.


High rate of fire guns will not be allowed on these events (Duel Sector Gears etc..)


Support guns are allowed and if running a drum or box mag in real life they will be allowed. An M4 "look" weapon with a box/drum mag does not count!


This event is for realists, so players will be expected to wear camouflage or historic uniform no chrome paintball masks, football boots, “operator” check shirts or Pikachu outfits etc..


These events are not Speedsoft, for those who like fast moving games these are not the events for you. Let us know and we'll host suitable events.


Please note ticket purchases are non-transferable and non-refundable.


Ammo Limits Per Mission (Multiple missions on the day):


Snipers - 60 rounds

DMR - 400 rounds

Rifleman - 600 rounds

Support - 800 rounds

In addition to these ammo limits players can carry 4 standard size pistol magazines for their side arm. 


No loose ammo is allowed to be carried on your person.

Medic Rule

3 Medics per team.

All players must wear their team armband on their left arm, not chest rig, foot or lapel. (Including snipers). 

Once hit players must kneel or lay down where shot and immediately shout hit and raise arm.  If you are in deep cover, you may leave the cover so you become clearly visible to both teams and then immediately kneel or lay down.  Players should not get up and walk or run when wounded. A hit player can be moved by a medic and another live player by placing a hand each on the shoulder of the hit player and move a maximum distance of 5 meters to get behind cover.


If a fellow team player or medic can reach you within five minutes they may move your arm band from your left to right arm. You can then re-enter the game.

When shot for the second time you must have a medic apply a bandage to you from their kit. (they will tie this over your team armband on your right arm). You can then re-enter the game.

Hit for a third time you are dead and must return to re-spawn.

If you are not treated by a team mate or a medic within 5 minutes of being hit you will have been deemed to have bled out and will have to return to your hard respawn or respawn marshal.  The respawn marshal will be carrying a medic flag and be in yellow hi-viz.  They will return your arm band to your left arm and remove a medic applied bandage.

If you bled out on your first or second hit you must return to respawn you cannot be resurrected by another player or medic whilst walking back to respawn.

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